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  • La San Marco 100 Sprint S
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    • Regular Price : 98,450,000 VNĐ
    • Price : 95,989,000 VNĐ
    La sanmarco
    thuong hieu

    An Italian myth...
    ...a pleasure without borders.


    Aggressive look and metallic colours: these are the main aesthetic characteristics of 100 series that highlight lines originality and design unicity.

     Metallic colours (anthracite, grey, red and sky blue) and satiny finishing match perfectly. On request (optional) chrome finishing are available, particularly elegant in anthracite/chromed and grey/chromed combinations.

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    100 S

    Series 100 adapts a thermosiphonic circulation system with pre-infuser and flow variator. The flow variator (adjustable directly from outside the machine body) gives the possibility to modify the brewing temperature in every group with relation to the used coffee blend without changing the temperature in the boiler and therefore the capacity to produce hot water and steam.

    Product Features

    • Thermostat-equipped cup warmer.
    • Boiler with automatic water refill.
    • Automatic water level control.
    • Hot water mixer with temperature adjustment.
    • Lights signaling coffee extraction level.
    • Programmable water dosage for 6 semi-automatic functions.
    • External motor.
    • Manual or automatic water softener available by request.

    Technical Specifications

    • Groups: 2.
    • Boiler capacity: 10 L.
    • Boiler material: copper and brass.
    • Weight: 60 kg.
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 715 mm x 570 mm x 515 mm.
    • Power: 4200 W.
    • Cup heater: 200 W.
    • Pump: 275 W.