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    Dear Customer


    We would like to send our special thanks and wish the best healthy as well as the development in business to customers. 

    North Eastern Group has been founded in 2009 with the mission of Chang waste land into cultivated areas and to wake up the change for need of customer in the enjoyment for pure – coffee. We have pioneered in the field to supply the coffee machine in Viet Nam market in many years ago.

    By its capacity and experience, we have co-perated good with many strategical partners who have been the manufactures of famous coffee machines on the world such as: DeLonghi, Quality Espresso, BFC, Visacrem, Wega, Rancilio, Mazzer..ect. that permit us to have the strong position in:

                      + Price of product

                      + Quality of product

    In the present, we were constructing and developing the system of distribution and service in whole country. So, for the esteemed customer, despite of any area, it also feel secure about the delivery will be on time and the service of warrantly will be maximized in quality of service.

    Beside it, we also were constructing the plant to manufacture of clear – coffee according to the criteria that appreciate with the coffee maker of Germany with advanced technology and the raw materials that be the coffee beans which have been selected from the coffee beans with the best of quality, to meet the standard of HG – NE Co., Ltd in order to bring the perfect choice for customer.


     “ to wake up the need and change the viewpoint of enjoyment for perfect coffee”

    We desired to listen to the contributed percious – comment of Esteemed – customer in order to   we will serve better. 


    Our Slogan                               To undertake for the satisfaction of customer




    David Han