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  • La San Marco New 80 Ottone
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    • Price : 228,889,000 VNĐ

    NEW 80 PREZIOSA OTTONE has its body made fully of varnished brass, hammered and polished, with dome and lion. It is available in an automatic, electronic version with 2 and 3 groups, with coffee served with electronic dosing, able to store 4 different doses for each group.

    All models have a hot water wand and two steam wands, and are supplied complete with standard autofill and external pump.

    NEW 80 PREZIOSA OTTONE is offered in the standard version with a flow variator or in the version with the DTC system, which provides an additional heat exchanger in the brewing unit.


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    Warranty Period
    FREE 2 year Standard Warranty
    • Body made of chromed, hammered and polished brass.
    • Available in two versions: semi-automatic (80 - Preziosa - 12) - automatic (80 - Preziosa - 16M)
    • Eternal motor-pump on all models.
    • Both models have steam and hot water valves.
    • Autofill device (automatic water level system) standard.
    • Semi-automatic version (80 - Preziosa - 12): coffee served by pressing an electric START/STOP button. Automatic version (80 - Preziosa - 16M): electronic dosing system with setting of 4 different coffee dosing for each group.
    • Optional: water-softener, gas heating system.


    Data technical:

    Brewing units : 2 group

    Boiler capacity: 12L

    Power: 4500 W

    Cup heater: 100 cups

    Weight: 80kg

    Dimension: 780 x530x485 mm