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  • BFC Galileo Electronic 2 group coffee machine
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    • Regular Price : 155,288,000 VNĐ
    • Price : 149,788,000 VNĐ
    BFC Galileo Electronic 2 group coffee machine


    BFC Galileo coffee machine is equipped with a new lighting system under the groups to illuminate the dispensing area and on the lateral sides for aesthetic appeal. 

    Hand-built in BFC’s Italian workshop, the Galileo has been designed and crafted to be as practical as possible whilst never compromising on the quality that people have come to expect from the family firm.

    The BFC Galileo features an innovative new system that continuously manages temperature and pressure levels to ensure that they remain at a constant and optimised mark, ensuring complete thermal stability. Coupled with a high quality copper boiler and their trademark plumbing system, the Galileo is extremely energy efficient and can allow the operator to make savings on energy costs.

    Packed with cutting edge technology, tried and trusted insulation, user-friendly and a thoroughly modern design, this coffee machine lives up to the name of Galileo as a master in many different disciplines.

    Optional: Blue LED side lighting.

    This latest design presents two different units: the Galileo and Galileo’s Dialogue. The latter allows communication with all parts of the machine, detecting failures or malfunctions in real time, and simplifying its operation.

    BFC galileo coffee machine with the newest version is also available in TCI (temperature independent groups) with an electronic device already used in other previous models via a separate multi-boiler circuit.

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    The latest line from BFC follows modern trends, while staying true to the stylish design tailored to the barista. The Galileo is made entirely of stainless steel, with a new moulding technology that allows for a flexible design. The Galileo is available in two-groups with a 14-litre boiler, three-groups with a 21-litre boiler or four groups with a 27-litre boiler. It is available either as a semi-automatic machine, electronic or as a lever machine.

    • Electronic or Semi electronic version
    • Thermosyphone system - copper inner boiler with continuous heat circulation pipes mde in copper
    • Heat-balancing units
    • T.C.I – Temperaturacontrolloindipendente (separate temperature control) – Electronic coffee temperature control device with separate boiler for each group. Separate steam boiler, with hot water dispensed from heat exchanger.
    • Optional High groups
    • Optional auto probe steamer (for milk cream)

    Technical Data:

    Dimensions (W x D x H)






    Input Power



    Bar Power



    Water container capacity


    water connect




    Body machines


    Full Inox Stainless Steel

    Rated Voltage/ Frequency