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    Caferina brewing coffee maker is the best coffee maker for Restaurant, Hotel and Resort.. This machine brew fast with the big decanter 1,8L satisfy customer for sure. The warmer of machine always keep the temperature warmly, it gives you the better choice in coffee enjoy anytime you want.

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    Caferina RH330 Commerical Coffee Brewer

     "Pump style" brewing system, just add water

    • Two glass coffee jugs included
    • No standing water in tank
    • Coffee is made and kept at optimal temperature
    • Up to 120 cups per hour
    • Second heating plate for extra jug
    • Teflon coated heating plate for easy cleaning
    • Triple safety protections
    • Listed with Underwriters Laboratories under UL Commercial Standard 197


    Model RH 330
    Wattage (230V) 2100W
    Filter Size 250mm
    Capacity 1800ml
    Brewing Temp. 92-96 °C
    Brewing Time 5-6 minutes
    Machine Size (W) 195mm
    Machine Size (D) 1360mm
    Machine Size (H) 430mm